When you place a cake on display you are not only inviting others to come and admire it, you're saying that this is the cake at its very best! You're stating, emphatically, that the cake on the stand looks and tastes as appetising as it possibly can do – it is the end result. Of course, this goes without saying. There is not an unfinished piece hanging on the walls of Versailles or on display in the Louvre or the Guggenheim, so why would you sit a cake on a stand if it were anything other than complete?

In the minds of most a cake is ready when it is edible, but isn't a cake always edible? We know for a fact that there have been many cakes-to-be that never even saw the inside of an oven due to how tasty the mix turned out to be (#sorrynotsorry). So when would you say a cake complete?

You may not agree with us here, but we believe a cake is not actually ready to go until it has been decorated to some extent. This might mean the application of fruit or a foundation of Butter Cream Icing, followed by some finer points of decoration. A piped pattern around the edges perhaps? Or maybe an elegant flower or two in one of the corners? Why not add a second tier? Or even a third! There are countless ways to decorate a cake and ensure it is ready for display, but nothing rounds a cake off like a cake topper.

The most common example of a cake topper is the bride and groom figures atop traditional wedding cakes, but cake toppers are not exclusively for wedding cakes. On Crystal Clear Cake Stands we have cake toppers for every occasion imaginable, so it doesn't matter if you want one for a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday or even just an ordinary Tuesday; if there is a reason to have cake, there is a reason to have a cake topper!

Crystal Clear Cake Toppers

Available in many different styles and colours, the range of cake toppers that we offer are often lauded for their decorative versatility and aesthetic appeal. Designed to fit neatly onto cakes of any size or shape, our selection of cake toppers can be reused over and over again, making them ideal for caterers, wedding venues and large families.

Crystal Cake Topper – Butterflies


Capturing the explosive effects of a fireworks display, this cake topper is made from wire and crystal beads, which work together to create a lively, decorative feature that would look perfect on top of any cake.

Mr & Mrs Wedding Cake Topper


Ideal for those who want something a little less cliché on top of their wedding cake, the Mr & Mrs Wedding Cake Topper is perfect for celebrating a newly married couple's happy day, and the statement it makes is just as clear as it's more traditional counterpart.

Mr & Mrs Wedding Cake Topper

We have also introduced a range of same-sex cake toppers that are perfect for weddings and civil partnership ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples.

Love Heart Wedding Cake Topper


Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, Valentines day, or just a special night in with your partner, the Love Heart Cake Topper is one of our most versatile cake toppers, as the message it sends is so clear and universal.

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