There are many ways in which you can add your own individual touch and sense of style to one of our cake stands. To help give your creativity a little boost and perhaps inspire you a little, here are a few ideas on how you could go about decorating your scroll design cake stands & plates.

Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Fiona from Crystal Clear Cake Stands, and I just want to show you how you can dress the scroll cake stands, or any of our cake stands.

I have just dressed these [scroll cake stands] with a diamante trim. It comes on a reel, by the metre and you can buy it [in most cookware shops]. All I have done here is simply put some double sided tape (you can use double sided tape or you can use food glue) and then I have literally just fed around the outside here, the diamante trim, to finish it off.

As you can see, this is a plain stand; if you want to obviously change the look of it, then you can start dressing it up with different beads.

With this stand you can have your cake on the top, or you can change it to go on the bottom. You can also loop from the scrolls different beading; I’ve used pearls around here before, I’ve even used some of the longer diamante trim.

As you can see when you start to use them in different configurations how different they look with a little bit of bling on them, compared to the plain ones.

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