Father's Day is fast approaching, this Sunday in fact, and whilst most families are spending time in the kitchen making a massive decorative cake, all of us here at Crystal Clear Cake Stands are looking into giving Dad something on a smaller scale, Father's Day cake pops.

Although most love the wow factor that a much bigger cake brings, these little delights are an excellent way to have a bit of fun with food and experiment with different ideas. Born out of the idea of creating a treat that has the playful side of a lollipop and the sophistication of a dessert, cake pops were originally made out of leftover cake but have now been updated to show off creativity and versatility.

We have put together a list of the perfect cake pop designs so you can have a go at creating your very own Father's Day designs. There are also some nifty ways to help display them as well with our fun acrylic cake pop stands.

1) The Comedy Moustache

This great little cake pop design is a brilliant idea of you want a dessert that everyone can have fun with. All you need is a white chocolate covering and some sugar paste and away you go. These are great to make with young children a they can create any type of moustache they choose.

2) Sports Themed

We think that this cake pop design is perfect as part of a theme, simply decorate the pops to match any type of sport that your Dad supports.

These also look great displayed together using a Large Cake Pop Stand such as the one featured.

3) BBQ Grill

Great if your Dad loves to spark up a BBQ, this design is unique and would look great served as a dessert at the end of a Father's Day BBQ. To add an extra special twist, use jelly beans as sausages and liquorice as char-grilled burgers. Delicious.

4) Shirt and Tie

Show a little bit of sophistication with these shirt and tie designs; so easy to make, these can be used for large parties. Why not mix up the design by adding different coloured ties and shirts?</>

5) Pour Dad A Pint

This cake pop design looks so fun but can be a challenge to make with the jug's delicate handles.

To help apply any difficult designs or just to help dry your cakes without smudging, use a Cake Pop Holder to prevent any swished designs.

professional cake pop stand

We hope that you have fun creating and designing your very own Father's Day cake pops and remember it's all in the presentation. Don't forget to use a specially designed Cake Pop Stand for a professional look.

Have a very happy Father's Day!

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