About Acrylic/Perspex

Acrylic - Perspex can be supplied in many colours and finishes. Clear acrylics - perspex are by far the most popular, however, also available is a full range of colours and tints in solid and semi opaque. Also available are anti reflective finishes, frosted and pigmented fluorescent. Acrylics - Perspex can also be sold with a silicate green edge to give a plate glass effect.

Acrylic can be ordered in several grades including:

Extruded - the most cost effective solution.
Cast - The best mechanical properties for machining and optical clarity.
Impact modified - For increased strength.
Acrylic - Perspex can be ordered in a wide range of thicknesses from 2mm up to 30mm.

The main advantages include:

  • Half the weight of glass
  • Impact resistant
  • Unaffected by sun or salt spray
  • Temperature range of -30 to 160° F for continuous service
  • Good outdoor weathering
  • Clear sheet optical clarity better than that of glass
  • Easy and cost effective fabrication
  • Fully recyclable
  • Excellent surface hardness and durability
  • Superb chemical resistance - better than most plastics
  • Food gradable
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Other materials that Luminati Waycon will use for fabrication include:

  • Polycarbonate - 200 times stronger than glass, used for machine guards, safety enclosures and IP65 rated fire proof components
  • PVC - Flexible material and very cost effective, used for ticketing and card channels
  • PETG - Good for machine guarding and fabrications requiring strength characteristics
  • ABS - Cost effective
  • HIPS - Cost effective and low weight

Care of your acrylic

Acrylic is sometimes known by its brand names such as Perspex or Plexiglass. Both of these brands are top quality materials. Renowned for long life, durability, and an optical quality that is better than glass.

To ensure decades of service, always clean acrylic with soapy water using a soft cloth. Do not use spirit based cleaners. (Use 2 drops of washing up liquid in each litre of water).