woman adding fig piece on classic cake decorated with figs and syrup

8 Easy Cake Decorating Tips For Beginners

Friday, 17th of July 2020

So, you've baked your cake and are now posed with the challenge of decorating it. This can be pretty daunting if you have little experience. If you are quite creative you can really put yourself to the test here, but if you prefer, simple is also very effective.

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Baby Shower Cake Display Ideas

Tuesday, 12th of February 2019

Baby showers are now a popular event in the UK with gender reveal parties soon catching up. Looking forward to the arrival of a new baby is an exciting time for the whole family and what is the best way to celebrate? Well to eat cake of course!Baby showers

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Cake Stands Product Highlight - Macaron Cake Stand

Monday, 28th of January 2019

If you really want to wow guests at your next event, nothing will get people flocking to the dessert table more than macarons. Sized perfectly to just nibble on during cocktails or piling onto your plate as part of a buffet, these little discs of joy are so

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5 Of The Best Ways To Display Your Cakes & Bakes

Tuesday, 14th of April 2015

Baking cakes is great fun; it's the reason why so many people do it in their free time and why some even go so far as to turn their hobby into a business. Different bakers enjoy different things; some love baking new recipes, some love creating new recipes,

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6 Amazing Easter Cake Ideas

Tuesday, 31st of March 2015

Easter, though perhaps not quite to the extent of Christmas, is a time for celebration and giving thanks for what you have. Different families have different Easter traditions, but because Easter always falls on a Sunday, one of the most popular traditions

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