With cupcakes becoming a more popular alternative to large celebration cakes, it can be difficult to decide the best way to display them. Here at Crystal Clear Cake Stands we have put together our best five cupcake stands that we hand make and design on site to give you the very best quality and range to choose from.

1. 3 Tier Clear Cupcake Stand

This simple, elegant design is perfect for a subtle way to display your beautiful cupcake creations. Made of crystal clear acrylic, the flat pack able design makes this cupcake stand easy to store and clean.

2. Flat-Packable 4 Tier Clear Square Cupcake Stand

Made from clear acrylic, this Square Cupcake Stand is perfect for retail displays or any special occasion an. The separate tiers allow you to create different patterns with your sweet or savoury treats and the clever flat pack design allows your to transport it and store with ease.

3. 3 Tier Lacey Printed Cupcake Stand

Our beautifully unique lacey printed cake stand is available in a unique rose white or floral white print. Made up of three tiers to allow you plenty of room to display your delicious cakes within your home or for party's and events.

4. Adjustable 2/3/4/5 Tier Modular Round Cupcake Stand

The central column of this cake stand can be assembled in sections using only the plate sizes you require for your display, allowing you to create a two, three, four or five tiered pyramid cake stand!

5. 7 Tier Cupcake Stand

A real crowd pleaser. Standing at over 780mm tall this show-stopping design is the perfect choice for hosting a grand event. All of the tiers can hold around 130 cakes and won't bend under the weight, making it the ultimate in cupcake stands.

And there you have it. Our top 5 best cupcake stands that are on offer, we hope you have fun displaying your creations!

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