Children’s parties just wouldn’t be the same without cake, but when you mix children and cake, things can quickly get messy. Cake stands are the perfect way to display your cakes in style, whilst keeping them out of reach of curious little hands. Whether you’re baking your own or buying a decorated creation from the shops, below are our favourite cake stands for children’s parties.

Cake Pop Holder

HP02 Cake Pop

Cake pops are a modern take on the traditional birthday cake, and are an excellent choice when it comes to children’s parties. They can be decorated in all sorts of wonderful ways, and are both fun to eat and easy to pass around! Gone are the days of trying to evenly slice a large cake; simply hand these out to keep the little ones happy. We love these cake pop stands for parties, as they come in a variety of bright colours and feature a pretty wave design. Made from acrylic, they are easy to store and won’t break easily.

3 Tier Frosted Cupcake Stand


In a similar way to cake pops, cupcakes make a perfect addition to a child's party. Cheaper than a traditional cake but offering much more choice, cupcakes are fun and less messy to deal with, especially if you have plenty of little mouths to feed. Our 3 tier cupcake stands allow you to easily keep all your cupcakes in one place, whilst ensuring they still look lovely on display. As they are made from acrylic, you don’t have to worry if they get knocked over by enthusiastic hands!

Clear Acrylic Scroll Cake Stand

Scroll Clear (5)

If you are going for a traditional birthday cake, then you want it to look it’s best on a proper cake stand. Especially when it comes to children’s parties, you can’t go wrong with our Scroll Cake Stand. Available in a range of sizes, it features an elegant scroll design in clear acrylic, making it versatile and re-usable for other occasions and celebrations. It is sturdy and secure, ensuring your cake stays in one piece - until the candles are blown out of course!

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