Baking cakes is great fun; it's the reason why so many people do it in their free time and why some even go so far as to turn their hobby into a business. Different bakers enjoy different things; some love baking new recipes, some love creating new recipes, and some don't care much about the recipe at all so long as they get to take their piping bag to it in the end.

No matter what kind of baker you are, the one thing we all want is for our creations to be enjoyed and appreciated – and not just by the tongue. Part of what makes cake such an enjoyable food is that it is a treat for all the senses. They taste great, they look great, they feel great, and they smell great, what more can you ask! Why, you don't even have to decorate a cake with icing or fruit in order to make it delectable and enjoyable to look at – though you will never hear us complain if you do.

Seeing one of your baked creations displayed in a manner that compliments them cannot help but make you feel proud, even if it is just on a cake plate in your home. We think that every baker deserves to feel this immense sense of satisfaction, which is why we're about to share 5 of the best ways to display your cakes and bakes with you.

Vintage Cake Stands


Whether you are serving your freshly baked cake to the family or displaying it on a café counter-top, vintage cake stands effortlessly complement whatever is sat on top of them. Though they are probably best suited to displaying traditional cakes, like the Victoria sponge, vintage stands can also be used to create an exciting juxtaposition when paired up with some of the more flashy modern bakes.

Afternoon Tea Cake Stands

When we imagine serving one of our cakes to family and friends it's always outdoors on a warm sunny day during a relaxed afternoon tea party. Afternoon tea cake stands capture an air of something that is very rare these days, and it's impossible to deny that they exude a sense of elegance and refinement.

Cake Pop Stands

Cake pops are perfect for children's birthday parties and are growing more and more popular amongst adults due to their great taste and portion controlled size. There are loads of different, innovative ways to display cake pops, including using a standard cake as something of a cake pop pin cushion! Cake pop stands may not be quite as adventurous, but they are designed to display cake pops and allow them to be handed out easily; all without sacrificing a perfectly good cake to do so!

Pedestal Cake Stands

There is nothing wrong with taking pride in your work and we all know what it is like when you finish an especially difficult bake and want to show it off a bit. Pedestal cake stands place your cakes and bakes at a height that really makes them stand out amongst every other item of food on display, allowing them to get all the attention and adulation that they rightfully deserve.

Tiered Cupcake Stands

An effective way to display loads of different cupcake designs in a practical yet elegant manner, you can find tiered cupcake stand with as few as two levels and as may seven! As well as being perfect for displaying cupcakes on a counter or table top, some tiered stands have clearly been made so that they can be easily carried around from table to table, making them ideal for restaurants, galleries and formal gatherings.

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