With Mother's day coming up in less than two weeks, if you are lost for ideas of things that your mum could want then you're probably either beginning to panic a bit or you're pushing it to the back of your mind and the panic will come later.

If your mum loves baking you're in luck as on Crystal Clear Cake Stands we have all sorts of neat tools and accessories that those who love to bake will undoubtedly appreciate.

From decorative cake plates and cake toppers to tiered cupcake stands and separators, we have everything a baking enthusiast could possibly need to turn their kitchen into a haven of cakes.

That being said, not all of our great Mother's day gift ideas are for those who love baking, as we understand that not everyone who enjoys eating cake is necessarily an avid baker.

We're getting ahead of ourselves, however, and if you really want to know what we have in mind then you'll just have to keep reading.

The Mary Berry Collection

Whether your mum loves to spend her free time baking or enjoys having her friends over for tea, the Mary Berry collection will have something she can put to use.

Mary Berry Four Cake Plates

Beautifully designed and very reasonably priced, there are over 20 different products to choose from and we've made sure that no one will beat us on their price!

Decorating Turntables

If your mum is anything like us then baking a delicious cake is never going to be enough, it has to be decorated beautifully too.


Our selection of cake decorating turntables will make the perfect Mother's day gift for perfectionists who cannot put their piping bag down until every last detail is looking its absolute best.

Pedestal Cake Stands

Some people love nothing more than to bake and have others enjoy the taste of their latest creation, but for many the enjoyment of taste alone is not enough!

Most bakers would consider their cake a failure if it does not look as good as it is expected to taste, which is why when a cake is presented it is ok to be a little ostentatious.

A cake displayed on one of our pedestal cake stands will definitely stand out, so if your mum is a bit of a show off she will certainly appreciate one of these.

Cake Stand Separators

True baking enthusiasts crave a challenge and what could be more challenging than baking a couple of cakes then placing them on top of each other?

The ultimate test of ones baking ability, there are few moments more tense than when you finally place the separator onto one tier and place another on top of it, but there are also few things better than taking a step back and admiring your handiwork.

Is your mum brave with her baking? One of our cake stand separators might be all she needs to take her baking to the next level.

You Do The Baking!

Your mum may not be much of a baker and even if she is that doesn't mean you still cannot bake her a cake yourself.


There are tonnes of amazing recipes being shared every day on social media sites and we even have a few great cake recipes on our blog, so if you fancy flexing your baking muscles (which are definitely a thing) why not whip up your very own Mother's Day masterpiece and present it on one of our elegant cake plates?

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