Easter, though perhaps not quite to the extent of Christmas, is a time for celebration and giving thanks for what you have. Different families have different Easter traditions, but because Easter always falls on a Sunday, one of the most popular traditions involves gathering the whole family together and sitting down to enjoy a good hearty meal.

The perfect desert to enjoy after an Easter Sunday lunch has got to be an Easter cake, not only because they will undoubtedly taste delicious, but also because there are so many innovative and exciting cake decoration ideas that you could potentially try! We're sure that you know what we're on about, but in case you're in need of a little inspiration, here are 6 amazing Easter cakes that you can draw some ideas from.

Cake Pops


 Image credit: bakerella.com via Pinterest

Great for kids and easy to make, cake pops do not require much decorating to get them into the Easter spirit and they can be made or bought in large quantities. Nothing allows you to show off your cake pop decorations more than a colourful cake pop stand, and they also make them a lot easier to hand out,



Image Credit: twopeasandtheirpod.com via Pinterest

The perfect sweet treat to nibble on after a large, heavy meal, macaroons – like cake pops – are quick and easy to decorate. Macaroons are the ideal cakes for Easter, as in our mind nothing goes with chocolate in the same way as coconut does.

Cup Cakes


Image Credit: recipebyphoto.com via Pinterest

Whether you are craving something light for dessert or something sweet to indulge yourself with in between meals, a good cup cake will certainly fit the bill! Easter cup cakes are great for beginners as not only are they easy to make, but there are also so many great decoration ideas out there for you to try out.

Pre-Cut Cake Slices


Image Credit: justataste.com via Pinterest

Normally you would decorate the entire cake and then divide it later, but there is something to be said about doing it the other way round. Not only can you ensure that everyone gets the same amount of cake, but there are ways to decorate a single slice of cake that would not work for the entire thing; as the Easter carrot cake above just goes to show.

Whole Cakes


Image Credit: hometalk.com via Pinterest

The best thing about decorating an entire cake is the space that you have got to play with. We love the scope of it all, and there is nothing more rewarding than giving yourself a good pat on the back once you've put the finishing touches on your Easter cake decorations. Unlike the pre-cut cake slices and macaroons, decorating a whole cake is definitely something that you will need a bit of experience doing, especially when you're following a theme.

Hot Cross Buns

hot-cross-buns-675912_1280What would a list of Easter cakes and bakes be without mentioning hot cross buns? Though there are many varieties now available in shops, including chocolate & fudge, apple & cinnamon, and Earl Grey & Mandarin, we still love the traditional currants & raisin hot cross buns; and in our mind it would not be Easter without them. You don't get to have them that often so we prefer not decorate hot cross buns, but don't let that stop you from experimenting and sharing the results with us on Facebook.

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