We’re nearing the end of our countdown of the Top 100 Wedding Songs this week as we reach the penultimate instalment of our list. Once again we bring you some great suggestions of songs for all parts of the wedding day, from a variety of genres to suit all weddings!

19. Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up

“The full commitment’s what I’m thinkin’ of…’ Oh yes, some might turn their noses up but this is the perfect cheesy number for a wedding disco, but I certainly wouldn't. Embrace it!

18. David Bowie – Modern Love

Let’s hang on in the eighties for a second with David Bowie and Modern Love. This is a fun little dance number and the first track on his 1983 album Let’s Dance. Everyone’s got a Bowie fan in the family, so play this one for them.

17. Junior Senior – Move Your Feet

Speaking of fun dance music – this top 10 hit from 2003 is sure to bring a smile to a few faces at your reception.

16. The xx – Angels

As an alternative choice of first dance – or even ceremony music – the first track from The xx’s second album is excellent. Bang up to date and featuring some beautiful lyrics, there are plenty of couples who will choose to play this one on their Big Day.

15. Peggy Lee – Fever

Peggy Lee singing Fever just oozes cool, and it has that timeless jazz rhythm which makes it perfect for many parts of a wedding day.

14. Chic – Everybody Dance

Now, if you look back through this list you may notice that I have a bit of a thing for disco. It never fails to put a smile on my face and there are plenty who will agree with me. Chic is a must for getting everyone up on the dancefloor!

13. Coldplay – Sparks

Unbelievable that there has been no Coldplay on this Top 100 rundown until now, but let’s set things right. This is not one of the better known Coldplay songs, but it’s a tender and beautiful track from their first album, and I think it would make a lovely choice of song for the first dance.

12. David Gray – This Year’s Love

Incredibly, this song first entered the charts in 1999! My shock at that fact only goes to show what a timeless classic it is. A very popular choice for weddings – both for walking down the aisle and dancing.

11. Queen – You’re my Best Friend

Not the only Queen song that is great at a wedding, but a good reminder that there is more to this band than Bohemian Rhapsody.

10. Love Affair – Everlasting Love

We’re rounding this one off with an absolute classic – Everlasting Love by Love Affair. If this one doesn’t get your parents up on the dancefloor then nothing will!

Well that’s it for another instalment of our Top 100 Wedding Songs. Join us next time for the last part, including the songs we have chosen for our top three! (We couldn’t agree on one…) If your favourite hasn’t made the cut yet, this is your last chance to let us know so we can consider it for the top ten – so get in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter!

Post By Marc