Your wedding is the biggest day of your life, not only a proclamation of love for the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with but also an event that you’ll remember forever. For that reason, the destination of your wedding is one of the most important choices you’ll make.

Here we’ve brought together a whole range of beautiful wedding destinations that you might like to consider – or maybe just dream of!

New Zealand

If a beautiful, panoramic landscape is what you’re looking for there is no better place than New Zealand. Whether it’s by a vast lake or on top of a soaring mountain, the country offers a range of unique and memorable places to tie the knot. And why not make it extra special by hiring a helicopter to take you to your venue? There are a range of companies locally that offer this service.


When it comes to dream wedding or honeymoon destinations, many people’s minds will head straight to Mauritius. A favourite of celebrities, the island offers a range of beautiful beaches and crystal clear seas that are the perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony. With five star resorts available, you can enjoy a wedding and extended honeymoon in one glorious place.

South Africa

An increasingly common destination for Brits abroad, South Africa is a country of stunning landscapes and incredible diversity. From stunning landscapes to wild savannahs, there is plenty of choice when it comes to planning your dream South African wedding. Once your wedding day is finished and your guests have left, you can enjoy a safari or relax on the beach.

Bali, Indonesia

Now extremely popular with tourists, there are areas of Bali that are still undiscovered or tucked away from tourists and these are the spots perfect for a dream wedding. Choose a resort that’s tucked away or a luxury remote coastal location and you’ll be able to enjoy the truly stunning surroundings that made Bali so popular to begin with.

Cancun, Mexico

Rich in culture, vast in landscape (and famous for tequila!), Mexico is another destination that’s heading to the top of the list for wedding destinations abroad. The region around Cancun is the first choice for many, with white sandy beaches sitting next to dense rainforests to offer a combination that’s hard to beat. A beautiful place for a wedding, it’s also a great venue for a party afterwards.

St Lucia

Another beautiful exotic location, St Lucia offers everything you could wish for in a wedding destination. With towering volcanic formations and lush forests, the coastal areas of St Lucia are where it really comes into its own. Choose from a range of beachside resorts that cater to different needs, whether you’re after a couples-only solution or a family-friendly option.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

One of Italy’s worst kept secrets, the Amalfi Coast is a glorious stretch on Italy’s west coast. With the warm Mediterranean climate, towns climb up from the gorgeous beaches with bright colours and the wonderful Italian way of life. With views stretching to sea from miles around, the pictures and memories you’ll bring back will last a lifetime.


For years the island of Hawaii has been the number one wedding destination for thousands of couples looking for a tropical setting for their wedding. And it’s not hard to see why. The stunning beaches provide the perfect backdrop for your ceremony while you can find an exclusive resort for your honeymoon. And there are well-developed urban areas in case you miss the shops and restaurants too much.

Las Vegas

For many people this won’t be the ‘dream’ wedding destination, but for many others this is the only place that they want to get married. There is something appealing about the bright lights and money of Vegas and there are plenty of options for the happy couple. Of course you can get married in one of the many chapels off the strip but there are also some beautiful locations outdoors, including the fantastic Grand Canyon.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

With the famous Copacabana beach among the landmarks of Rio de Janeiro, this famous party town is a great place to tie the knot. And with the Christ the Redeemer statue looking over the city, it’s a great option for those looking to add a religious aspect to their ceremony.

Post By Daniel