Here at Cake Stands our products are used for many different purposes, and our customers are always sending us pictures of how they’ve used them in so many unique ways.


By far one of the most popular uses that we see, aside from cake display, is flower arranging. Whether it’s a simple cake plate, a tiered cupcake stand or one of our many acrylic separators, they can help create beautiful flower arrangements for events, weddings and much more.

Some of our designs will also fit perfectly into the home, with the crystal clear acrylic bringing a modern, sleek touch to any room. They are also a great alternative to glass as they are shatterproof and extremely unlikely to break if they get knocked over – perfect for homes with children! What's more, they are 100% waterproof and all tested individually, ensuring there will be no unwanted leaks.


As well as being used solely for flower displays, flowers can be incorporated into a cake stand to make an eye-catching and unique centrepiece. For more inspiration we’ve put together a Pinterest board with some fantastic designs that others have created, as well as some of our own designs.

And we’d love to see your designs, so please share your pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Post By Daniel