Everyone wants their wedding to be something special, and whether you want yours to be traditional, wildly eccentric or modestly understated, there is nothing wrong with… borrowing, some ideas from others who have tried and tested it already. You will get all the reward, none of the risk and it will only ever add to an already special day; so here are a few wedding-orientated blogs to help inspire you, or maybe even save you from a bad decision.

1# The Perfect Palette

A blog entirely dedicated to the exploration of the use of colours in weddings, it may be a good place to start if you are unsure what colour theme to base your wedding around. It is also a great place to see those colours in action and in a variety of different settings, allowing you to see if those mauve table centre pieces you have been dying to get will actually look any good in the space.

Web link: https://www.theperfectpalette.com/

2# The Broke-Ass Bride

As the name would suggest, this blog is all about pulling off a wedding on a budget, or even just pulling it off at slightly less cost, because who doesn't want to save money for their honeymoon? The writers on the site are very passionate about their feelings and it shows through in their writing. You can clearly see that while they do believe in saving money and doing things in an economic way, that they in no way expect you to dial back your wedding, in their own words:

“Many people bury their heads in the sand and compromise their dreams… whether because it’s easier or less expensive or it's traditional or expected. Ninja please! It’s YOUR day; you should do it YOUR way. And you can, yo!”

Right there? That’s passion.

Web link: https://www.thebrokeassbride.com/

3# The Man Registry

Created by two brothers and their brother-in-law, the site is geared toward giving wedding tips and advice to men. The kinds of things on the site include how-to articles on changing the bride’s last name, bachelor party planning, tuxedo rentals and so on. It also helps to give others ideas on what to get the groom as a gift, as no man wants a new toaster as his wedding present. To avoid any spoilers we will not give any gift ideas away, but out of interest how many men do you know who would not want a games room or a bar at home?

It is an American site, so not all the legal information on it will apply outside the US, but most of what it says is universal, and what isn't is still rather interesting.

Web link: https://www.themanregistry.com/

4# Rock My Wedding

We believe in Love. We believe in the Happily Ever After. And most importantly We believe in making your day your way.”

A UK-based blog set up by a newly-wed with a passion for weddings, Rock My Wedding is a regularly updated online resource that aims to show those going through the rigours of wedding planning some achievable weddings ideas to serve as inspiration. The blog really does bring a wealth of inspiration and those who write it are believably enthusiastic on the subject, making what they say all the more poignant.

Web link: https://www.rockmywedding.co.uk

5# The Loveliest day

Conceived as an outlet for the writers obsession with anything at all wedding related, the loveliest day has pretty much everything you will ever need when it comes to preparing your own wedding. There are sections on design and fashion, colour schemes, wedding pictures and loads more. One of the things that really does stand out about the site is its category named ‘inspiration’ where you can find all sorts of neat ideas, dresses, accessories and hand-made wedding décor. Oh, and cake.

Web link: https://www.theloveliestday.com/

6# Staggered

A great site for that is all about giving advice to men regarding all things weddings, and it is written with rather amusing male humour (not crude or anything like that). The blog is not just for the groom however and it does have advice sections for the groom’s men and the father of the bride in addition to the all-important groom himself. Regarding the groom the site shares useful tips starting from the pre-engagement stage, to wedding suits and speeches and finally ending with the honeymoon and its aftermath. As jovial as the tone of the site is, the information housed on it is comprehensive and very well thought out, which is evident from the number of awards and endorsements it has from the likes of the BBC and The Times.

Web link: https://www.iamstaggered.com

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