2018 is the year for weddings, we don't know if you've heard but there is a pretty big one coming up in May! One thing we can guarantee is whatever Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are doing, everyone else will be following closely in their footsteps.

We have come up with 7 wedding trend predictions for 2018 that we think are really going to take off.

  1. Getting back to basics.2018 is all about stripping it back and going for that natural light along with a minimalist look where the focus is on polished details.
  2. Foliage. A key trend from 2017 that isn't going anywhere any time soon. Whether that's tablescapes, hanging floral decorations.
  3. Metallic & Marble. Making their presence on wedding cakes where subtle and sporadic hints of marbling and metallic embellishment will adorn cake tiers.
  4. Alternative Food & Drink.  We're not talking fancy, but more dishes you wouldn't expect - think rustic pies and prosecco vans.
  5. Single-Colour Bouquets.  Think texture combining an array of beautiful flowers in one simple hue.
  6. Au Natural Make-Up.  A natural face with a dewy glow is with those that want that extra edge should opt for a bright red lip.
  7. Bridesmaid Separates. Gone are the days where everything has to be matching. This trend will allow you to dress your bridesmaids according to their figures.

The overall observation for 2018 is that this will be the year of modern, minimalist feels with touches of simple colour and textures. Foliage will play a big part in your decor to give your wedding a whimsical and quirky twist.

Post By Rebecca Clark