It’s never too early to start planning your dream wedding. Summer is a great season thanks to its warm days and long hazy evenings. Whether you’re an understated bride, a traditional groom, an over the top couple or you want something completely unique, there is a cake stand for you to suit any theme and budget.

To help you celebrate your special day in style, we’ve created a list of gorgeous and unique stands to help showcase your beautiful wedding cakes!

Different Shapes

Your wedding cake should be as unique as you are! Years ago, the norm was a round fruit cake filled with plump sultanas and they were usually presented on a round cake stand. While you could still opt for a fruit cake, there are many different shapes for wedding cakes nowadays that might suit your nuptials more.


From trendy “naked” cakes to traditional iced fruit cakes, round cake stands are a classic and elegant way to add sophistication to your table.

While these stands might be understated, they can really make your wedding cakes stand out on your display. Why not shop the Emily Design Clear Acrylic Round Cake Stand for a striking stand that you can purchase in a wide variety of lengths. The acrylic used to make this stand is 5mm thick, which is far stronger and sturdier than other leading products.

If your theme is rustic or country chic, you could try a ‘naked’ design on top of the Clear Acrylic Round Pedestal Cake Stand for a simple yet effective way to highlight your cake. This stand is designed and built to last and it’s easy to clean afterwards so you can keep it for other events or even as a keepsake! Also - don’t forget to accessorise! You could try pretty coloured ribbons, strings of pearls, stunning flowers, quirky cake toppers or keep it minimal with lightly coloured buttercream.

Square Shaped

For those torn between a traditional wedding cake and something a little more contemporary, the modern, square-shaped wedding cake is a great choice. With clean, crisp lines and perfect 90-degree angles, square cakes are particularly eye-catching and will suit most modern themes.

The Delia Square 3 Tier Acrylic Cake Stand is made to comfortably support three square cake tiers on a single platform base. This stand can be completely customised for you and your partner. Or for a timeless look, why not try a simple white cake, decorated with metallic colours or hand-painted flowers on the Clear Acrylic Square Pedestal Cake Stand. Its classic yet elegant design shows off any cake beautifully and enhances the look of an understated arrangement.

Heart Shaped

If you’re a romantic at heart and just want something small, cute and pretty to highlight your summer wedding, you could try the adorable Clear Acrylic & Frosted Heart Cake Stand. This unique stand is shaped like a heart and is made from thick 5mm acrylic which will not flex, while the interesting heart shape allows the cake to be displayed in a new, exciting way. This stand can be used as a solo statement stand for a celebration cake or you could try all 3 to create a stunning wedding display.

Cupcake Stands

If you’re looking for something that might be a little more cost-effective and is sure to feed all of your guests, or if a big fancy cake just isn’t your style at all, you could try a simple yet effective cupcake stand! Whether you want something intricate and interesting, or plain to highlight your sweet treats, we stock a variety of cupcake stands in many shapes and sizes! From classic white tiered for the budget-friendly bride to extravagant spirals that are sure to be a talking point at your wedding.

If you’re more of a modern bride or groom, you could even try the sophisticated Multi Tier Muffin Stand in a cool monochrome black and white. This stand looks ultra-chic and can hold four plates of muffins, pastries or whatever else you want to serve your guests. If you’re having a summer wedding, you could decorate this stand with edible flowers and pastel macarons to add dimension and colour to your display.


Before you make the final decision on what aesthetic you’re going for, don’t forget - check that the cake stands you’ve chosen can actually support the weight of your wedding cake. Did you know an average three-tier wedding cake can weigh up to a whopping 18lbs? That’s why our cake stands are designed and built to last.

No matter which model you choose, you can be sure that a high quality, durable stand from Cake Stands will stand the test of time - especially on your wedding day. So sit back, relax, and let them eat cake! (After you’ve cut it, of course…)


Post By Jasmin