An essential part of a wedding is putting together a beautiful cake table.

During all the lovely chaos during the wedding planning period, the cake stand is often an overlooked item or sometimes even forgotten, leaving a frantic search at the last minute for the perfect cake stand to go with the perfect cake.

As the cake is a real show-stopper at a wedding reception it needs to be the right size and shape for your wedding cake and there is so much to consider; from the number of tiers to the height of the stand itself, depending on the number of guests of course.

A good cake stand can be a real investment as well. It can be re-used at future celebrations such as anniversaries or simply used every day as an eye-catching display for your every day cakes.

Here at Cake Stands we have a range of cake stands to help make the choice a little easier and ensure you get the perfect centrepiece for your special cake.

Emily Design Glass Effect Acrylic Round Cake Stand

Emily Cake Stand

This gorgeous and elegant Emily cake stand for round cakes is made from glass-effect acrylic with green tinted edges and comes in four different heights. With its professionally polished edges it is the perfect display for your show stopper.

Another consideration is the size of the base and it is generally consider better for the stand to be at least 2 inches wider than the size of the base of your cake.  However, we believe bigger is better. Leaving much more room around the cake enables you to dress the base with lots more flowers and greenery displays so you can go wild on that designer touch.

Juliette Clear Acrylic Square 2 Tier Cake Stand

Juliette Clear Acrylic Square

One of our favourites is this Juliette two tier square cake stand made from 5mm thick clear acrylic. It won’t flex and really makes your cakes the stars due to the stylish and simple elegance of the stand.

When identifying how tall you need the stand to be, the first consideration is to see how much drama to want to incorporate into your wedding cake presentation.

Three tier cakes and a tall stand might be too much, yet a simpler style cake might benefit from a taller stand to be that little bit more dramatic.

Olivia Round Single Tier Cake Stand

Olivia Cake Stand

For a really striking effect and standing at 500mm high, the pillars of these elegant and unique clear acrylic Olivia cake stands incorporate heart-shaped cut-outs and make for a really stunning display.

Whatever shape or sized cake stand you decide on for your big day, it it worth taking a little time to consider your options and ensure that this part of your wedding preparations is not overlooked and then you can enjoy the cake cutting moment knowing that your wedding cake looks stunning.


Post By Lauren