Whilst sitting down with friends, sharing tea and coffee and indulging on various oven-baked treats, many a curious soul has often asked: Is there anything better than enjoying a fat slice of homemade cake? - Besides doing so during the springtime, the answer is no.

But what is it specifically about the spring which makes eating cake all the more enjoyable? Is it something to do with the uplifting positivity that comes with the passing of winter and the flourishing promise of new life? Or perhaps it's the light and refreshing taste of the fruity flavours that we jam-pack into our Spring Cakes?

Whatever the case, Spring Cakes truly are something to behold! Which is why we are thrilled to share 7 of our favourite recipes with you. So, read on, pick your favourite and get baking! Next, invite your friends and family over for a slice so they can post the very same question: ‘is there anything better?!’

Orange Blossom & Pistachio

This is one of our favourites due to its simplicity, yet irrefutable charm. A sponge cake, made with almonds and pistachios, moistened with an intense orange blossom syrup throughout. Following that, top it off with a rich frosting and sugared roses.

You can find the full method and recipe @ Katie’s Cakes


Ultimate Coconut Cake

The sweetened, shredded coconut flakes scattered throughout this intense sponge is the perfect treat for a bright spring day! You can show off your cake whilst keeping it nice and fresh with this Acacia Cake Dome Block Cover and Board!

You can find the full method and recipe @ Delish


Lavender & Lemon Bundt

Lavender’s gentle floral kiss is perfect for making spring cakes! That being said, you have to be very careful when adding it into your mix. There is such a thing as going overboard and what should be a light, botanical bite can turn into an overpowering ‘soapy’ flavour.

However, provided you follow the recipe, this beautiful bundt will be most delicious!

You can find the full method and recipe @ Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary


Pimms Layer Cake

Never mind tea and coffee; let’s get tipsy! The Pimms Layer Cake is a bold improvement of the classic Victoria Sponge. Each indulgent layer is moistened with a drizzling dash of Pimms syrup, and topped off with a rich buttercream topping. Next, simply finish off with a refreshing pile of fruit, and voila! Just imagine the look on your friends’ faces when they walk in and discover this posing elegantly on a Utopia Patisserie Downturn Glass Cake Stand!

You can find the full method and recipe @ Taming Twins


Strawberries & Cream Poke Cake

A rich and creamy sponge cake with a fruity, zesty kick. Perfect for enjoying in the height of spring, with the summer fast approaching. This light treat is easy to make, though incredibly difficult to resist!


You can find the full method and recipe @ Delish


White Chocolate Passion

Chocolate Cake can be quite heavy and Intense. A White Chocolate Cake on the other hand, is much lighter with creamier, sweet milk flavours. The passion fruit jam at the center really opens it up as well, with a rich, zesty kick!


You can find the full method and recipe @ Maison Cupcake


Carrot Cake

An absolute classic, which can be one of the most delicious and refreshing spring cakes when done right! A moist cake fused together with a cream cheese frosting, balanced beautifully on this Acacia Wooden Cake Pedestal Stand = Perfection!


You can find the full method and recipe @ Delish


Spring into Action and Get Baking!

Have you found a spring cake which tickles your fancy? Or perhaps there’s one in this list that you know a friend or family member would absolutely adore. In either case, get baking and make the most of of our favourite cake eating season! Enjoy!

Post By Rebecca Clark