There is no denying that the new age of cupcakes are becoming absolutely sensational pieces of art, constantly challenging and stretching the ideas of the generic flat and bland design. But the wonder of the modern day cupcake not only relies on a fabulous finish but a flavour to the standard of a Michelin Star repast.

Here at Crystal Clear Cake Stands we have searched high and low to bring you a list of the most amazing cupcakes that you need to try, not just because of their appearance but because of some of the amazing cupcake recipe ideas.

1.) Raspberry Mojito Cupcake

Supplying a beautifully light flavour this cupcake is perfect as a summer snack during a garden party. The middle can even hold a delicious blob of Mojito flavoured lime curd if desired.

2). Maple Pecan Cupcakes

Why not include this little pancake inspired delight with your vintage brunch, a perfect way to start the day we think.

3.) Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey Cupcakes with a Bourbon Drizzle

Who said all cupcakes had to be completely feminine? The whiskey in this recipe creates a fantastically smooth finish, while the honey sweetens everything up.

4). Burger Cupcakes with Cookie Fries

As you know, from some of our latest social media posts, we are in love with the fast food cupcake idea. Here these sumptuous burgers come with a side of cookie fries. Perfect for a party.

5). French Toast and Bacon

Bacon is good with everything right? These little fellows are purely inspired by the nation that brought us the modern cupcake, America. Full of the flavours of America's finest breakfast, who couldn resist?

6). Red Apple Cupcakes

Simply beautiful, these cupcakes really do reflect the artistry that has come along in the advancement of baking. Sprayed with edible glitter, these would be perfect accompanying a Snow White inspired children's party.

7). Apple and Pecan Cinnamon Roll Cupcake

A hot cinnamon roll topped with apples and finished off with a cider glaze, yummy!

8). Harry Potter Butter Beer Cupcakes

You've read the books, now get a real taste of Hogwarts at home with these Butter Beer Cupcakes. Smooth and warm, why not enjoy in front of the fire.

9). Starbucks Cupcakes

For the real coffee lover this recipe takes it's inspiration from Starbucks Caramel Frappuccinos with coffee cake, filled with whipped cream, coffee vanilla buttercream and a caramel drizzle.

10). Buffalo Chicken Cupcake

One of the strangest recipes that we have come across but still looks amazing. A savoury dish, this amazing cupcake is covered in a blue cheese frosting topped with a Buffalo Chicken Wing.

11). Ketchup Cupcake

And finally a condiment that we all use but does it work in a cupcake? The ketchup adds a certain spice and a great red colour almost like a savoury red velvet cake, delicious.

And that is our 12 most amazing cupcakes, are you going to try all of them?

If you have made or have tried any of these recipes then why not share your creation, message us on our Facebook  or Tweet us@Cakestandsuk - we look forward to seeing them!

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