Based out of their offices in London, Bombay Duck is a brand that prides itself on being innovative, creative and fun!

Established 23 years ago by two sisters, Laura and Steph, it did not take long for Bombay Duck to start capturing the attention and imagination of the general public. These days you can find Bombay Duck's eclectic range of charms, gifts, jewellery, home décor and fashion accessories the entire world over, which comes as little surprise considering the vibrancy bestowed on each and every one of their products.

Laura and Steph were inspired to build the Bombay Duck brand after they spent time travelling around Asia, and it is very clear from their exotic designs and spirited use of colour just how much of an impact their time abroad has had on them. It goes without saying, however, that though their inspiration is apparent, each and every Bombay Duck design is completely unique and imbued with the surreal kind of style that is reminiscent of a fantastical dream.

The Bombay Duck Company

Originality and passion are the two things needed to get by in the world of fashion and design, and luckily Bombay Duck has an over-abundance of both. Laura and Steph have also dedicated themselves to ensuring their products are not only made to the highest possible standards but are also ethically produced.

They have worked hard to establish good relations with the factories that manufacture their designs all around the world, and refuse to do business with those that do not offer reasonable working hours, a good living wage and safe working conditions.

Knowing that Bombay Duck is a brand that sets high standards for itself and those it works with explains why it has been able to grow so quickly in such a relatively short space of time, and you can bet that the integrity Laura and Steph demonstrate in the day-to-day running of their business is translated into their wonderful designs and products.

Bombay Duck Cake Stands

On Crystal Clear Cake Stands we offer a selection of Bombay Duck cake stands that are sure to make an impression at a dinner party. The only downside is your guests may be too busy talking about the stands to notice the cakes sat on top of them.

Bombay Duck Royal Icing 3 Tier Cake Stand


With three coloured glass plates leading up the centre stem, this cake stand is unmissable and perfect for displaying brightly coloured deserts and nibbles.

Bombay Duck Hotchpotch Vintage 3 Tier Cake Stand


Beautifully patterned and coloured, the Hotchpotch Stand has three cake plates and an undeniably old-fashioned, yet surprisingly fresh, feel to it.

Bombay Duck Range


Great for outdoor garden parties, this cake stand has a light, creamy colour and the food net is decorated with delicate floral accents.

Bombay Duck Miss Darcy 2 Tier Cake Stand

HK24_aMade from Jade China, the stand's two cake plates have something of a 1950's feel to it and can be carried around from guest to guest via the looped handle on the centre stem.

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