Mushroom cake stand

Choosing the right size cake stand for your wedding cake seems like the easiest of many decisions for a bride to make, but considering the wedding cake is often the centrepiece of a wedding reception, it's much more important than just finding a platform for the cake to fit on.

There’s so much to consider from a designers point of view; from the number of tiers you’d prefer to the height of the stand itself. This guide will help you size up a bit of inspiration, and choose the cake stand that best shows off this classic, ceremonial wedding centrepiece.

Speak to your cake maker

Naturally, you should always talk to your cake maker first to find out what size cake they are making to meet the number of guests at your wedding.

Starting with the base…

If you have a traditional, rounded wedding cake, your first instinct will probably be to find a stand that perfectly fits or is slightly smaller than the diameter of the bottom cake tier and the cake board.

It’s a pretty safe, beautiful looking option to go with; easily leading to a seamless, perfect transition between the base and the stand. Different suppliers will generally offer the same range of sizes - at Crystal Clear Cake Stands, we have round wedding cake stands in a range of diameters from 6" all the way up to 18".

Alternatively, it’s quite common to pick a cake stand that’s at least partially bigger than the bottom tier of your cake. Not only will it accommodate a larger cake board with increased stability, but visually it draws attention to the colour contrast between the cake and its stand and it also opens up more options for decorating or dressing around the base of the cake.

If you’ve decided to go with a square wedding cake, there’s still plenty of fitting stands out there to choose from. Although some of our square cake stands are available in three different sizes, others are available in just a single variation.

Reaching the right height

Ensuring your wedding cake fits on your cake stand is the easy part - the trickier bit is determining how tall the stand should be. The whole point of a cake stand is to add height and a sense of drama to the presentation.

If your three-tier cake is already rather tall, then a 200mm high stand may seem like overkill. Conversely, if your cake is a little simpler in design, a taller cake stand can give a more dramatic effect.

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