Mother’s Day is nearly here and Mums everywhere actually have less of a lie in this year than usual due to the clock change (sorry Mums). So we think they need a little extra love on 31st March.

Here at Cake Stands you must all know by now how much we love cake? So in classic Cake Stands style we thought it was only appropriate for us to create a list of the best, you guessed it, Mother’s Day cakes that everyone can enjoy. Ranging from the basics right through to something that requires a little more craftsmanship and baking knowledge, we have a cake that Mum is sure to love. Especially if you took the time to make it yourself. Are you a Mum with little ones? Well then why not make it a daytime activity and make some simple treats that you can all make together? So enough talking and let’s start making some Mother’s Day Cakes!

Fairy Cakes

A favourite of ours, fairy cakes are a classic that never go out of style. Ideal to make as a family activity, these little bite sized cakes include a simple vanilla cake recipe baked into cupcakes. The top is then sliced off, cut in half and placed back onto the cake with lashings of butter cream to create a winged effect. For some reason you always end up with more fairy cake than needed as they are so fun to make, but they will soon get devoured.

Rock Cakes

So simple yet a classic that just keeps on giving, Rock Cakes are a last minute treat that you can quickly whip up from ingredients that you have in the cupboard. Filled with fruit and spices and finished with just a sprinkling of sugar, these cakes are soft yet satisfying.


Who doesn’t love a warm chocolate brownie topped with vanilla ice cream? We challenge you to find someone. Brownies are the perfect Mother’s Day Cake as you can enjoy them as a tea time treat or as a dessert. Bake in a tray and present on a beautiful cake stand such as our Pedestal Cake Stands for that definitive wow factor. Be careful though, brownies need to be gooey in the middle, so don’t leave them in the oven for any longer than they need to be.


With so many different varieties, these perfectly hand sized treats are extremely versatile. Choose from a huge range of flavours and fillings to match Mum’s taste buds and decorate with a swirl of butter cream icing to really finish of the look. Why not go a little bit fancy and use different piping bag heads to create a petals. Bunch these together on a Vintage Cake Stand to make them look like a floral display.

Fondant Fancies

A colourful mini cake that often lures you in at the supermarket, Fondant Fancies look easy but are quite difficult to make. A simple vanilla cake is topped with a small dome of butter cream and covered in a coloured icing of your choice. The difficult part here is getting the icing to look even. Some choose to dunk the cake in, some spoon it across the top. However you decide to do it, Mum will appreciate the effort put in to create such a delicate little cake. For an extra punch, try adding a flavour to your icing such as lavender, lemon or even rose water. Be careful with the quantities though.


Do you have a lot of baking experience?  Then doughnuts will definitely be the star of the show this Mother’s Day. Make simple ring doughnuts or fill with your Mum’s favourite filling such as jam or chocolate for a hidden surprise. Remember that time and patience is the key here so make these earlier in the week so that you don’t spend the whole of Mother’s Day in the kitchen.

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Happy Mother's Day!

Post By Lauren