No matter what age you are there is something just simply wonderful about a character cake. Whether they are your favourite childhood TV character or an imaginary being from a novel, the beauty with character cakes is that they simply evoke a sense of drama that is pleasing to whoever cuts into it. Here at Crystal Clear Cake Stands we have put together a list of the most amazing character birthday cakes from around the internet, to inspire you to create your own for your next big birthday party, whether you are a child or an adult that holds childish enthusiasm.

1) Cookie Monster

“Cookies!” Yes, it is a simple catch phrase that has captured our hearts. The endearing cookie monster is known all around the world and this fabulous design of him simply joining in with your party is one that will amaze your guests. Use him as the centre of a Sesame Street theme for a children's party, brilliant.
2) "I am Groot"

Whether you have seen Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy or not you are bound to have heard about Groot. This absolutely amazing character cake is riddled with extreme details that almost make him look like a statue. Great for someone who is Marvel Comic mad.

3) Disney Princess Cake

A popular choice amongst young children, there are tonnes of Disney princess themed cakes out there so you'll certainly not be short of inspiration when it comes to making your own.

4) M&M Cake

It's not just children that love these funny little characters. M&Ms are one of the USA's favourite chocolate covered candy and they taste great, so why not turn them into a cake? A great addition to any fun birthday party.

5) The Cat In The Hat

The Cat In The Hat has been a loveable character that has been enjoyed by all. With an extremely large red and white striped hat, who can resist the charm of this cake? Perfect for the avid reader.

6) Peter Rabbit

Beatrix Potter's books have been enjoyed for generations and these cakes are so highly detailed, that you almost don't want to tell the cheeky little rabbit to get out of Mr McGregor’s garden. Complete with garden vegetables, everyone will love these character cakes.

7) Angry Birds

How many times have you had a child beg to play Angry Birds on your phone? Or for that matter how many hours have you wasted playing the game yourself? It can easily be said this intoxicating game is fun for all, so if you are looking to please everyone, then this is the cake for you.

8) Marvin The Martian Cake

This fabulous cake is almost a replica of the well know character, Marvin the Martian. A simply decorated cake that requires some engineering to make it stay up.

9) The Swedish Chef

One of the best known characters displayed in such a simple way. The Muppets Swedish Chef is simply a work of art, all he needs are his cooking utensils and away he goes. The blank base also allows you to customise the cake to look however you like.

10) Puss In Boots

The cute little cat with attitude that features in many different animations, Puss in Boots holds a charming smile that is so enduring, you almost don't want to serve him up as cake. The beautiful base adds some great detail here too.

Do you have any great character cakes that you have designed or found? Let us know by messaging us on our Facebook or Google+ pages or tweet us @CCDisplays.

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