Afternoon tea has become a somewhat staple within English culture. What was once a simple pass time is now a preferred way of celebrating in style with hen parties and baby showers making an afternoon tea their top choice. However, that doesn’t mean that an afternoon tea can’t be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, for a smaller crowd. Here at Cake Stands we have a variety of lovely accessories that cater perfectly to afternoon tea at home, with many of the accessories being dual purpose so you can use them time and time again. Take a look at our guide to an afternoon tea at home below.

What is included in an afternoon tea?

Often confused with a cream tea, an afternoon tea is an elegant affair where finger sandwiches are enjoyed with patisserie, small cakes and scones with clotted cream and jam. Displayed on a tall stand with either two or three tiers, the stand is typically displayed with savoury items on the bottom and cakes on the top tier. In the case of a three tier stand, smaller cakes are displayed on the top tier or it is decorated with flowers to create a lovely feminine feel.

What tea is often served?

Traditionally, afternoon tea was served with tea such as earl grey or assam in the finest china. Some tea sets were so delicate that milk had to be poured into the cup before any hot water was added to help cool down the tea and prevent the porcelain from cracking.

Today, there are numerous different teas that are enjoyed with afternoon tea including a variety of herbal infusions that pair with cake and sandwiches perfectly. Coffee can also be enjoyed, however some may consider the taste and aroma too strong, and often conflicts with the delicate finger sandwiches and pastries.

What time of day is afternoon tea consumed?

Afternoon tea is often served in the lull between lunch and dinner at around 4pm. This light treat was enjoyed as a way to refuel before dinner is enjoyed. For the higher classes, dinner was often served quite late at around 8pm so a snack was often needed before retiring to prepare for dinner.

What accessories or implements are needed to enjoy afternoon tea?

Depending on how formal you would like to be there are a few components including plates, cups and cutlery that make afternoon tea that little extra special. If you would like to enjoy your own afternoon tea at home, then we recommend the following products from our gorgeous range;

Tiered Cake Stand

A tiered cake stand is a must for afternoon tea. If you are enjoying a small tea party or even just catering for yourself, then a two tier is a much better choice than a three tier cake stand. We have a range of beautiful cake stands to suit your taste, whether you are a fan of the vintage look or a more modern feel.

Cake Forks and Teaspoons

Afternoon Tea is an elegant affair and what better way to enjoy your slice of cake and cup of tea than with dainty cake forks and spoons.

We offer a variety of designs that are wonderful to use and really make any afternoon tea feel special. Available in sets, we offer porcelain handled forks and spoons that are a pleasure to use. All presented in a stunning gift box.

Tea Pots, Cups and Saucers

Tea must be enjoyed in a tea cup during afternoon tea, so put away your favourite mug and opt for something more elegant. We offer a range of gorgeous tea pots, cups and saucers that offer a vintage vibe to your tea party. A joy to use and easy to clean, our tea pots and cups can be used again and again for any occasion.

Cake Tins and Storage

Of course you can’t enjoy an afternoon tea everyday, so we have a range of cake storage tins so you can store away your bakes for another day. All made to a high quality, our tins help keep cake and savoury goods fresh and sealed away from the air. Choose single tiered or 3 tin sets so your treats are easy to find.

Now that you have all of the guidance and the tools, we hope you have a great afternoon tea!

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Post By Lauren