If the traditional tiered wedding cake just doesn’t cut it for you, get ready to make a statement with your brand new wedding cake idea! From cupcakes, cake pops and macaron towers, there’s something out there to suit everyone. The Donut Tower Wedding Cake is bang on trend and a sweet way to show your creative side! The centrepiece for your reception, the donut tower is a beautiful display of fluffy, delicious doughnuts, perfectly poised on a donut tower stand. If you need to be persuaded to stray from tradition, then have a look at our 7 Reasons to Have a Donut Tower Wedding Cake:

  1. Who Doesn’t Like Donuts?

Seriously, who doesn’t like donuts?! Aswell as being sugary sweet treats that both kids and adults salivate over, they’re actually beautiful. There are so many different varieties to suit your guests. Keep it simple with some iced ring donuts or change it up with mini donuts or donut balls. Have as much iceing or jam as you want, it’s your wedding and, more importantly, your donut tower!
  1. No messy wedding cake cutting!

Let’s be honest, cutting cake for more than a handful of people is a real hassle, even if you’re not the one actually doing it. With individual donuts, you can just serve them on a plate, pop them in a box or serviette and you’re job is done. Happy guests, happy couple!
  1. Be a trend-setter.

Being the first couple to introduce a donut tower on their wedding day will definitely impress your guests and have them snapping pictures all evening. When your guests reminisce about weddings they’ve been to they might not remember the traditional wedding cakes, but surely they’ll remember that gorgeous display of yummy treats!
  1. Elegant stands are already at your fingertips!

If you’re not sure how a donut tower will look, Cake-stands.co.uk has already got you covered. Check out these elegant display stands available, particularly the donut tower stand already designed for your showstopper donut tower!
  1. Add a splash of colour

Having a variety of donuts in different shapes and sizes is a great way of introducing some daring colours into your wedding. Pastel pink, dark chocolate or shocking red, so many colours to play with and emphasise your colour scheme.
  1. A Safe Yet Quirky Option

There are so many ways to be creative on your wedding day and the donut tower wedding display is a relatively safe way of thinking outside of the box without going OTT! If you want to show your quirky side whilst still airing on the side of caution, having a different wedding cake isn’t going to affect the traditional elements of the rest of the day.
  1. For the Social Media Obsessed

If you’re a social media fanatic (and who isn’t these days?!) you’ll want to share elements of your wedding on every social media platform out there. Your friends and family will love telling others about the most quirky wedding cake they’ve ever seen or tasted. Instagram is also an innovotive way of discovering new trends and inspiration. Imagine inspiring others with your donut tower wedding cake and attracting positive attention around the world, no matter what the filter!
  1. Set Number

Donuts are an easy way of cutting down on wastage. If you don’t want to be left with half a wedding cake sitting in your kitchen and looking at you for the next week, getting a specific number of donuts for your guests can mean everyone is satisfied without having extra left over. Except for you, of course!

Post By Rebecca Clark