For brides looking for that something a little bit different to your classic wedding cake, The Macaron Cake Tower will give you just that.

Eye-catching, elegant and dainty, they manage to create a beautiful yet alternative feature to your wedding.

So Why Opt For The Macaron Wedding Cake?

  1. For people that love colour, this can be the perfect way to let your creative side run wild. Equally you can create something subtle with muted colours that will ooze class. The Macaron Tower will allow you to concisely pick your colour scheme with as few or as many colours as you like.
  2. Everyone wants their wedding guests to leave their big day telling all their friends how refreshing and different their wedding was. This display will do just that.
  3. How many flavours would you like? You can have as few or as many as you want- from the classics like Raspberry and chocolate to the more unusual like pistachio and lavender and coconut.
  4. The. pictures. will. be. dreamy. Your guests will love getting those Instagram snaps.
  5. You can double up and have them as wedding favours for your guests to take away
  6. If you have a tighter budget this is the way to go - even though you wouldn't think it to look at it. Win, win!
  7. You won't have to taste test numerous sponges - so say hello to fitting in to your wedding dress
  8. You can source your own Macaron Tower Stand that are specifically designed to perfectly hold the delicious treats in place
  9. You can have both. If you still want to stay traditional you can have a simple cake to cut, but use the Macaron Tower as a beautiful centre piece
  10. And finally, just look at it.

Post By Rebecca Clark