With cupcakes becoming a more popular alternative to large celebration cakes, it can be difficult to decide the best way to display them. Here at Crystal Clear Cake Stands we have put together our best five cupcake stands that will either wow your guests at a party, or look lovely displaying your home-made delights.

1. 4 Tier Heart Shaped Cupcake Stand

heart cupcake display stand

This simple, elegant design is perfect for girlie or romantic occasions. Made with a combination of crystal clear and beautiful frosted pink acrylic, its heart shaped tiers also have small holes to also allow for the display of cake pops. A pretty flat pack design, this cupcake stand is easy to store and clean.

2. 4 Tier Floral Cupcake Stand

flower cupcake display stand

Made from clear acrylic, this Floral Cake Stand includes a carry handle allowing the stand to be easily transported. Cupcakes can also be placed on the end of each petal to create a design perfect when it's used as a centre piece.

3. Royal Cake Stand

red, white and blue royal cupcake stand

For when you are feeling regal. This stand comes in 3 tiers holding the patriotic colours of red, white and blue. Perfect for street parties, gatherings or children's parties.

4. 4 Tier Triangular Cake Stand

Triangle cupcake stand

The unusual triangular shape of each tier makes this design quirky and unique. With the ability to hold cupcakes and smaller cakes, it's always a fun party where this stand is involved.

5. 7 Tier Cupcake Stand

7 tier cupcake stand

A real crowd pleaser. Standing at over 780mm tall this show-stopping design is the perfect choice for hosting a grand event. All of the tiers can hold around 130 cakes and won't bend under the weight, making it the ultimate in cupcake stands.

And there you have it. Our top 5 best cupcake stands that are on offer, we hope you have fun displaying your creations!

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